Saint Carlo

Case Study: Saint Carlo

E-Commerce with a Sleek and Accessible Dark Theme


Saint Carlo, a fashion brand, approached us with a critical problem - the lack of an online platform and a visible online presence. Our challenge was to create a modern, trendy, and accessible website that conveyed the essence of other high-end brands like Balenciaga and Virgil Abloh. Throughout the design process, we engaged in conversations with the client, gathered inspiration, and eventually decided on a dark theme to make the website stand out and provide a comfortable browsing experience for the predominantly Instagram-driven audience.


Establish a strong online presence for Saint Carlo and create a visually captivating e-commerce platform. Additionally, we aimed to boost social media engagement and enable seamless purchasing directly from Instagram. Our core focus was on a smooth and quick checkout process to enhance user satisfaction and drive conversions.

Research and discovery:

We conducted a thorough analysis of the fashion industry and observed that many successful brands opted for a sleek, modern, and dark-themed website. Based on this insight and discussions with Saint Carlo, we created mood boards to align our vision with their aspirations. The client expressed a desire for a dark theme, as it would be visually appealing and make the brand stand out from competitors.

Design process:

  • We focused on minimalist yet captivating visual elements, taking inspiration from the latest trends in high-end fashion websites. A sleek and modern user interface was designed to showcase the products elegantly.
  • Dark Theme Implementation: To ensure the dark theme was accessible and did not hinder readability, we carefully selected contrasting colors and used ample whitespace to improve legibility. The dark background added an air of sophistication and set Saint Carlo apart from other conventional e-commerce platforms.

Testing and launch:

Prior to the official launch, the website underwent rigorous testing. We conducted usability tests with close friends and selected buyers to gain valuable feedback. Their positive comments regarding the streamlined checkout process indicated that we successfully achieved our primary goal.

Results and impact:

After the website's launch, Saint Carlo witnessed a significant increase in online visibility and social media engagement. Customers appreciated the dark theme for its aesthetic appeal and ease on the eyes. The integration with Instagram directly contributed to improved sales and brand recognition. The quick and simple checkout process further enhanced user satisfaction and positively impacted conversion rates.


By understanding Saint Carlo's vision and embracing a dark theme, we successfully crafted a sleek and modern e-commerce platform that captured the essence of other high-end brands. Our focus on accessibility and user experience resulted in a highly efficient checkout process, boosting the brand's online presence and fostering a loyal customer base. Saint Carlo's journey from a brand with no online presence to a trendy and accessible e-commerce destination was a resounding success. Visit site